Terms and Conditions


  1.  Prices are based on passengers being ready to travel at the booking time.
  2.  All fares quoted are for point to point and any diversions, stop over will be charged at £5.00 with the fare quoted.
  3.  All cash fares are paid to the driver in British Sterling (£) at the end of your journey.
  4.  Credit card payments should be made with the booking unless passenger opted cash payment mode or booking via telephone.
  5.  Credit card payments will incur an extra charge of £2.50 for processing fees .
  6. Our saloon is insured for hire and reward for maximum of 4 passengers, Plus Driver
    6a. Our MPV5 (Many people Carrier) is insured for maximum of 5 Passengers, Plus Driver
    6b. Our MPV6 (Many people Carrier) is insured for maximum of 6 Passengers ,Plus Driver
    6c. Our MPV8 (Many people Carrier) is insured for maximum of 8 Passengers ,Plus Drive
  7.  We reserve the right to refuse any passenger our services if their luggages are Extremely excess and deemed as unsafe for the vehicle on the road.
  8.  Generally passengers are responsible to load and unload their belongings and we will not accept liability for loss or damage to the luggage. Our drivers will offer hand of help in many cases with your luggage at passenger's discretion.
  9.  All prices quoted are per car.
  10.  There are seasonal 50% surcharges on our prices on specific dates only. These are 24 – 26 December & 31 and 1st of every year.
  11.  A reservation may only be changed or cancelled with the permission of the empirtairporttransfer.com It has to be done in writing (preferably by email) or via telephone.
  12.  All payments can be made in cash or credit card. In the case of credit card payments, your card will be charged before or on the day of the journey. In the event of a cash booking you may pay the driver cash (GB £) at the end of your journey, or may be charged for instances of a cancellation or ‘no show’.
  13.  At airports, once the flights have landed, passengers are allowed free waiting time of 45 minutes, afterward a charge of 30p per minute will be incurred. At pickup locations within London and surrounding area, 10 minutes of waiting time is allowed. Similarly, a charge of 30p per minute will be incurred for waiting. Fares are based on a direct trip with passengers being ready to travel at the time and place as specified.